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How To Use A Prostate Massager

How to use a prostate massager - Positioning

How to use a prostate massager – Why massage the prostate?

The prostate is a hitherto relatively unknown pleasure spot for men. This is because the gland is located deep within the body. Access to stimulate the gland  – through the anus and rectum has till recent times also been taboo in many cultures.

Great pleasures await men, adventurous enough the try prostate stimulation.

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How To Have A Prostate Orgasm – Tips For Male Sexual Pleasure

How to have a prostate orgasm - man in pleasure

How to have a prostate orgasm – What is a prostate orgasm anyway?

Long overlooked by men – is the question of “How to have a prostate orgasm”. Overlooked, mainly due to lack of information, prostate orgasms can be a source of great pleasure. The awesome sensations that can be derived from stimulation of the prostate gland are now being rediscovered.

The art of prostate stimulation to derive Prostate orgasms is not new, however. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Indian Tantra and Malay/Javanese Urut Batin techniques all incorporate some form of prostate stimulation.

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Prostate Massage

Prostate Milking Cancer Prevention – Introduction

Prostate Milking. What is it? Can you actually milk a man’s prostate like a cow? The process of milking the prostate actually refers to massage of this ubiquitous male gland. The art of prostate milking or massage is most often associated with sex and in particular, sexual pleasure.

Ancient manuscripts indicate that concubines indulged the ancient rulers of China with the pleasures of prostate massage.

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Introduction to The Aneros Prostate Massager

Aneros is a brand name of a range of sex toys, designed to stimulate the male prostate gland. It is unique in that it stimulates the male gland without the aid of any batteries or electricity. The Aneros toys have their roots as a medical device, developed by Parent Company, High Island Health LLC.

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Top Tips For Men: How To Last Longer In Bed

Learn how to last longer in bed
  • Reasons Behind the Age Old endeavor by MAN-kind to Last Longer In Bed
  • Physiologically, the male human body has mechanisms that prevent men from lasting longer in the bedroom
  • Learn Practical Tricks and Tips as well as Ancient Secrets, that Men around the world have used to Last Longer.
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  • external prostate massage through the perineum

    Prostate Massage has been practiced since ancient times, being used as a form of health therapy as well as for sexual pleasure in men

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