Urut Batin and its relation to the Male Anatomy Part 1

Komponen-komponen utama dalam sistem pembiakan lelaki

In a previous post, I had given a description of an Urut Batin massage session as well as a description of the parts of the male anatomy that could possibly be massaged during a typical Urut Batin massage session.

I thought it would be good for me here to do an overview of the male anatomy so that readers will be familiar with the various parts of a man’s anatomy and understand the descriptions given in previous and future posts.

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URUT BATIN – Harnessing a man’s “INNER” strength

Chakra diagram - Tantra - Seksual Tahan Lama

Urut Batin massage is often known by the English term – Manhood massage, given that it is essentially a form of massage for a man’s “Manhood” so to speak. The English term nonetheless does not do justice to the Malay language origins of the term Urut Batin.

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Urut Batin Massage report 1 - Treat & Cure name card

In the quest to source practitioners of traditional Urut Batin massage or Manhood massage, I am embarking on a series of reports on practitioners of this form of traditional Urut Batin massage in Singapore and the region.

First off is a visit to Treat & Cure Traditional Massage, located in surburban Toa Payoh, owned and operated by Mr (Haji) Saat.

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Introduction to Urut Batin Massage

Urut Batin for Male Sexual Health

Urut Batin, is among the forms of manhood massage or therapy aimed at maintaining and improving a man’s sex organs and sexual vitality. It is based on an ancient Javanese technique of massage, which involves massage targeted principally at a man’s lower abdominal region.

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