5 Reasons to buy Aneros Prostate Massagers

The Aneros is a plastic sex toy that men use to massage their prostate glands, by inserting it into their rectum. The Aneros massager works together with muscular contractions in the anal sphincter and pelvic floor to massage the prostate gland, in the process eliciting sexual pleasure and indirectly improving the health of the user. So why buy a prostate massager and why the Aneros in particular? Here are 5 good reasons why you will want to hit the buy now button at the end of this page:

1. Buy Aneros FOR HEALTH!

Prostate massage has been practised since ancient times, in the belief that massage of the gland will both improve the blood flow to the gland as well as “drain” the prostate of its secretions, thus improving a man’s sexual health and sexual performance – which is why in ancient times, emperors and shahs partook of prostate massage to improve their ability to please their many wives and/or concubines. It is believed that accumulation of residual prostate secretions may be a factor in diseases related to the prostate gland such as BPH and Prostatis as well as possibly Prostate Cancer.  Research has linked regular ejaculation when a man is in his 20s-50s to reduced rates of prostate cancer. In a study published in the “Open Urology and Nephrology Journal” use of a “home use” prostate massage device (That was the direct predecessor of the Aneros) was determined to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of some lower urinary tract afflictions as BPH and Chronic Prostatitis. Like its predecessor in the study, the Aneros massager does this with a “head” that is inserted into a man’s rectal cavity, which directly presses onto the prostate gland, while its “perineum tab” rests on the perineum, such that both the prostate gland and perineum are stimulated (see diagram below).

buy aneros - predecessor of aneros - prostate massage device

Source: http://www.benthamscience.com/open/tounj/articles/V002/20TOUNJ.pdf

2. Buy Aneros to Experience the “SUPER O (Orgasm)”!  

While the prostate massager was initially developed as a medical device to relieve symptoms related to lower urinary tract infections such as Chronic Prostatitis, users quickly noticed that it offered much more than a health benefit. So much so that the inventors of the initial prostate massager actually developed the Aneros, a commercial pleasure oriented sex toy. Users of the Aneros have reported that its sexual pleasure effects as “Mind Blowing”, feelings of sensual/sexual pleasure are akin to feelings of one’s first sexual experience and extend to large parts of a man’s body like the leg and abdominal muscles, such that it is not uncommon for men to experience involuntary shaking, with many men also vocalizing their pleasure through groans and moans. Unlike the traditional male orgasm that is penile oriented, the Aneros, stimulates sexually erogenous zones of a man that are not usually stimulated, such as the prostate gland, perineum and anal sphincter, which are relatively hard to reach. These areas however been noted in ancient sexual scripts such as the “Karma Sutra” and are very important in the orgasmic response, due to the convergence in this area of numerous nerves that control the sexual organs.

3. Buy Aneros to LAST LONGER IN BED!  

Men typically have a refractory period after ejaculation where they can no longer physiologically be capable of another orgasm after an ejaculatory orgasm. This refractory period can typically last about 30 mins on average. Refractory periods (link) tend to get longer with age and studies show that men in the late teens will need about 15 mins, while men in their 70s can experience refractory periods of around 20 hours! The Aneros, allows men to sidestep this refractory period and enjoy “multiple orgasms” like women, because the orgasmic response triggered by the Aneros, does not lead to an ejaculatory reflex which is the reason for the physiological responses in the body leading to refractory periods between orgasms in men. Instead of an ejaculatory orgasm, an orgasm triggered by stimulation from the Aneros massager can happen in various parts of a man’s body, from the prostate to anus or even the entire body. By avoiding the ejaculatory orgasm and hence the associated refractory period, men will be able to more closely match their female partners during love making sessions, which can lead to greater intimacy between the partners.


You are now familiar with the “Super O” that can be achieved with the Aneros prostate massager. The Aneros may also allow men to experience what is now often known as the “Super T” or a super “Traditional” orgasm. When a man uses the Aneros during sexual intercourse, the thrusting motions of intercourse result in contractions of the PC muscle. These in turn move the Aneros massager, which stimulates the prostate gland and elicits greater blood flow into the urogenital area, leading to stronger, longer lasting erections and stronger ejaculations with greater volume of ejaculate discharged – All achieved without the use of erectile medication and their associated costs and side effects.

5. Buy Aneros for its MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  

Aneros is made of high quality medical grade plastic, and comes in many different models to suit almost every anatomy and need. More importantly however, you actually have the unique opportunity to try out the Aneros Risk Free as Aneros provides a money back guarantee. Click and buy Aneros now!


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